Is your osteoporosis drug giving you diabetes?

By Alice Wessendorf

I swear, sometimes I just have to wonder if Big Pharma is trying to kill us. I know it might sound a bit paranoid, but let’s just take osteoporosis drugs for example.

We now know that Fosamax and other bisphosphonate drugs can actually increase our risk of fractures…the very things we’re told to take the drugs to avoid …and they have been connected to osteonecrosis (bone death) of the jaw.

Now two new studies, published in the journal Cell, have uncovered evidence that these dangerous drugs have yet another health-threatening trick up their sleeve. They may contribute to high blood-sugar levels and insulin resistance in users, two of the hallmarks of diabetes.

You see your bones are involved in a continual process of shedding old materials and building new ones. To do this work your body replies on two types of cells, the bone-building osteoblast and the bone-resorbing osteoclast. bisphosphonate drugs work by inhibiting the octeoclasts from completing their job of bone resorption.

And here’s where the trouble starts. It turns out that while the drugs are inhibiting the osteoclasts they’re also likely destroying the conditions needed to produce a bone-derived hormone called osteocalcin.

And I’ll give you just one guess as to what happens when there’s a drop in osteocalcin.

Ding, ding…yes, you guessed it!

There are corresponding jumps in insulin resistance and in blood-sugar levels. It turns out that osteocalcin plays an important role in glucose metabolism, and that the osteoporosis drug you’re on may be suppressing your body’s production of this vital hormone, leading you down the road to full-blown type II diabetes.

If you are currently on a bisphosphonates drug, you should consider making an appointment with your doctor to talk about glucose intolerance and your increased risk of diabetes. While you’re there, why not go ahead and ask him about how you can get off of these dangerous drugs permanently?

Sometimes, paranoia’s just having all the facts.

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