Innate Intelligence

You started out as two cells – one from your father, and one from your mother. Those two cells came together and formed the beginning of your life, and over a period of about nine months, you went from one cell to (depending on whom you ask) somewhere between 10 and 100 trillion.

The amazing part, though, is not the simple fact that we multiplied from one cell into trillions, but that they all went off in different directions to do different jobs. Some became part of our kneecaps, some formed a heart, some built an immune system, and so on. In other words, it’s like 100 trillion separate little workers heading off to participate in thousands of complex functions, all conceived, orchestrated and conducted into the most beautiful symphony ever written, and directed by an unseen intelligence.

But here’s the important part: once that Innate Intelligence forms a new baby, it doesn’t go off and make another one – it stays inside of us, and runs every aspect of our lives, every second of every day. If we cut ourselves, if we break a bone, if we have a cold or the flu or any other symptom or disease, it’s our own Innate Intelligence that does the healing. It just knows how to do it.

Medical doctors don’t heal. Medications don’t heal. Operations don’t heal. Chiropractic adjustments don’t heal. All any doctor or pill or procedure or adjustment can do is seek to remove the interference to healing, so that the body’s own innate potential can be expressed. Healing always flows from above down, and from the inside out.

How does the spine effect Innate Intelligence?

The chiropractic principle is almost too simple, which is partly why it’s taking so long for it to be understood and accepted. “What do the bones have to do with Innate Intelligence?” you might reasonably wonder.

As it turns out, our Innate Intelligence expresses itself largely through the nervous system, and that system is stretched over the body’s frame (the bones) like a spider web, or like the strings of a musical instrument.

Science has now confirmed that any distortion or restriction of our human frame can interfere with the nerves by disturbing their “tone” or “vibration,” in much the same way that the notes produced by plucking a guitar string are changed by altering its tension. Too much or too little, and we won’t be happy with the result.

The nervous system controls all of the organs and glands of the body, including the immune system, which determines how well we deal with colds, flu and other infections. Nerve root compression alters gene expression, which affects how likely we are to actually develop the conditions or diseases of our parents. In other words, we aren’t necessarily “doomed” to have the same problems they had – much of our future can be influenced by the choices we make in our own lives, including how we choose to care for our spines.